We’ve got a cornucopia of an episode this week. First up Andy recounts his experience getting tested for COVID-19 and the past 10 days worth of health struggles. Then we offer up the ultra-rare all positive news section, to deliver some stories of triumph in the animal rights world, hopefully a bright spot in such dark times. Finally we talk about that Bill Maher video that has been making the rounds in many vegan circles. Maher decries factory farming in a recent segment and points towards humanity’s exploitation of animal flesh as a huge risk factor for pandemics. With many vegan advocates sharing this video and even asking others to watch and share, we’ll first discuss our thoughts on the content of the segment and then widen the conversation to ask if, given Maher’s extensive history of oppressive commentary and shock jock rhetoric, is it appropriate to promote this message? Or does the importance of the topic outweigh such considerations?

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