It seems like Paul and Andy can barely keep up with all of the major fast food chains that are adding significant plant based options to their menus. Will the proliferation of these options mean doom for local vegan businesses or will the increased availability of plant based options help usher in a new wave of plant-curious consumers that will eventually explore more local fare? Is there anything inherently more ethical about supporting local businesses? Does a more-just world even have fast food? Is the promotional boost from vegans saving a dying industry responsible for so much death and exploitation? All that plus an extensive news section that, for the first time in a long time, includes plenty of positive headlines.

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The Links:

California becomes first state to ban fur trapping after Gov. Newsom signs law(LA Times)

Rooster ‘Was Just Being Himself’: Court Rules He Can Keep Crowing(NY Times)

EPA Administrator Wheeler Signs Memo to Reduce Animal Testing, Awards $4.25 Million to Advance Research on Alternative Methods to Animal Testing (EPA)

Mississippi Meat Labeling Law Backs Down. (MS.Gov)

Mississippi Backtracks on Banning the Term ‘Meat’ from Plant-Based Products(Food And Wine)

Cost To Eat At Every Major Fast Food Chain (Business Insider)

Full-Service Restaurants are Losing to Fast Food (Food News Feed)

Fast Food, Hailed as Cheap and Speedy, Isn’t Such a Steal Today(Bloomberg)

Americans Are Cooking More Meals at Home, Eating Out Less (Food Network)

Burger King’s bet on faux meat is paying off as the Impossible Whopper convinces customers to spend more and buy more beef Whoppers (Business Insider)

Burger King Earnings Up Nearly 30% Since Impossible Whopper Launch(Live Kindly)

Interview with Jose Cil(Food Business News)

The Ave Market statement(Facebook)