This week The Bearded Vegans bring you a news round up, where they’ll discuss a variety of news stories that have caught their interest over the past few weeks. Starting with the struggle to save nine lambs from slaughter at Antioch College, moving on to the curious case of a vegan who was tricked into eating animal flesh and responded by calling the cops. They end with a lengthy discussion of an upcoming UK TV show, Meat The Family, in which “unrepentant carnivores” will be forced to bond with a farmed animal for three weeks and then choose between killing and eating the animal or going vegetarian. Lots to chew on in this one!

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The Food:

Plan V (Chattanooga, TN) –

The Links:

Antioch College Says You Can Save Its Condemned Sheep for $1 Million—but It’ll Just Buy More for Slaughter(The Daily Beast)

Vegan Says She Called the Cops After Friends Tricked Her Into Eating Chicken Nuggets (Thrillist)

Meat the Family: new reality TV show challenges carnivores to eat their ‘pets’(The Guardian)