We are coming at you with a bonus episode featuring a panel that Andy was honored to be a part of at the Portland vegfest in which he joins Chelsea Lincoln (Fat Vegan Voice) and Callie Coker (Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack!) to discuss body neutrality, fat liberation, honoring body diversity and how these issues intersect with the vegan movement. Topics covered include how fat phobia manifests itself within the animal liberation movement, why it harms activists and conflicts with the vegan ideology. Why oppressed groups shouldn’t have to bear their pain in order to be taken seriously or prove their humanity. The fetishization of pain and suffering and resulting cycles of trauma. How body-size oriented activism creates and bolsters eating disorders. Why trolls don’t actually care about health. And much much much more!

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Resources:Chelsea Lincoln- Fat Vegan Voice  

Callie Coker – Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack 

How Food And Body Shaming Harms Animal Activist – Live Panel with Ginny Messina, JL Fields and Andy Tabar

T.O.F.U. Talks – Fat Positivity w/ Jennie Marie, Chelsea Lincoln, Andy Tabar (LOTS of great links in here)