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The Unwind is a discussion about topics related to tech, games, gadgets, and other aspects of geek culture. Rob, Shawn, and Josiah each bring a topic they find important to the show every week. 

Episode Description

The Unwind Podcast –

• No man’s sky foundation update
• Star Citizen public timeline
• Final Fantasy 15
• Pokemon breaks sales record
• iCloud Calendar Spam Invites
• iPhone 6s Battery
• Apple Pay

Topic – Cutting the cord update
• Direct TV
• Sling – DVR
• PS Vue – lost viacom
• CellCom (Israeli cable)

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The Change Up – Biggest video game debacle?

Topic – Bethesda no longer sending out review copies
Does it matter that were leaving “criticism” up to bloggers?

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Rob Steller
Josiah Hills
Shawn Thomas