The Unwind is a discussion about topics related to tech, games, gadgets, and other aspects of geek culture. Rob, Shawn, and Josiah each bring a topic they find important to the show every week. 

Episode Description

The Unwind Podcast – Episode 68 – Windows Phone’s Future?, Yahoo in the Pits, Superfight!, Companies Staying Cool

Topic 1 – Windows phone’s future?
• Only sold 4.5 mil last quarter from 10 mil last year
• About 1.1% total this quarter
• Total of 110 mil compared to 4.5 bil ios and android

Topic 2 – Yahoo in the pits
• Missed expectations $1.04 vs $1.06 b; 2% stock drop
• Refocus – 15 – 20% cuts fewer projects

SuperFight is back! Brought to you by Green Man Gaming (use COMMEN-TIST20-GAMING for 20% off!)

Topic 3 – Companies staying cool

Do you think Windows Phone will survive? What do you think is the future for Yahoo? Who won Superfight? How should companies “stay cool”? Let us know in the comments!



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