The Unwind is a discussion about topics related to tech, games, gadgets, and other aspects of geek culture. Rob, Shawn, and Josiah each bring a topic they find important to the show every week. 

Episode Description

The Unwind Podcast – Episode 67 – Digital Game Downloads on PC, Minecraft in Education, Houses of the Future

Topic 1 – PC on top for digital downloads – $61b total
○ Console $4
○ Mobile $25
○ PC $32
• Impact of business model on sales
○ Evolve – 300 playas
Rainbow Six: Siege

Topic 2 – Minecraft in Education

The Change Up, brought to you by Green Man Gaming (use COMMEN-TIST20-GAMING for 20% off!) – Are you going to play it? – Will you play it? The Witness

Topic 3 – Houses of the future
• Air Bonsai
• Touchscreens
• Space efficient housing

Do you play digital games or buy physical copies? PC or console? Do you think Minecraft can be used effectively in education? Will you play The Witness? What futuristic tech do you want in your future house? Let us know in the comments!



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