Home to Floor Thirt13n, Task Force Alpha, What Now?, and the cult classic: Harrowing Horror from Beyond. We release an issue every two weeks. Most of our comics take place in New VanCity, a West Coast Canadian in the not too distant future, yet there are some that span time and place. We have our artists chained up in the basement of Campbell Hall and we won’t let them out until we’ve run out of stories to tell.

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SkyFyre Comics 009: TFA – Help Help Let Me Out

Task Force Alpha has to escape The Icebox ...

SkyFyre Comics 008: TFA – Amature Hour Breakout

The Ministry has sent Task Force Alpha to go test a new Arctic prison codenamed IceBox. Can the Heroes escape? ...

SkyFyre Comics 007: Task Force Alpha – Intro

The Singularity Event Changed the SkyFyre Comics Universe, and the Company's flagship series Task Force Alpha was no exception. Now, we meet the new Team ...

SkyFyre Comics 006: One Big Nope!

Floor Thirt13n are up to their necks in goons and meta villains. They'll have to fight for their evidence in the concluding issue! ...

SkyFyre Comics 005: Kahn of Ice

Floor Thirt13n is on the trail of the weapons being supplied to the Nocenti's. Who is behind them? Where are they coming from? ...

SkyFyre Comics 004: I’ll Show You Force Grip

Floor Thirt13n has followed the lead of the street weapons to the Nocenti Crime family. They are to be the door kickers on a raid on a meeting tonight ...

SkyFyre Comics 003: Floor Thirt13n – Deep Freeze & Pies

Floor Thirt13n is on the job and the Gastown Sluggers don't stand a chance ...

SkyFyre Comics 002: Floor Thirt13n – Villiany

Floor Thirt13n gets a call. The gastown Sluggers are up to no good. Time for the team to hit the bank to make a withdrawal ...

SkyFyre Comics 001: Floor Thirt13n – Intro

We're introducing out newest metas and forming one of our teams, with some world building tossed in for good measure ...